Seer Audio PA series PA550 PA700 PA900

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1.Professional aluminum metal cabinet shows its stability,reliability, and fascination.

2.Advanced output AB-class circuit ,ensuring perfect sound quality condition, and the

    power and efficiency are higher than the conventional AB-class circuit.

3.Effective heat dissipation system, comprising a high surface area of the heat sink, a pair of dual cooling fan to ensure a rapid and reliable cooling.Good quality and rugged construction for most of the expansion of applications are ideal power amplifier. All amplifier are similar in operation, the manual applies to all modes. The manual contains very important information, so in the connection or operation of your amplifier carefully read the manual.

4.The unit has consummate working staus  indications including, you can be clear at aglance of the working status through the LED indicator in the front panel of the amplifier, the letthe operation more easily.

5. Perfect Protection Circuit Design:

    A. Soft start.

    B. Over temperature protection.

    C. Over load protection.

    D. Short Circuit Limited Protection.

    E. AC Line fuse

    F. Limiter Protection.

    G. DC protection.

    H. Thermal cut.

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