Seer Audio SLA-210

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SLA-210 is able to handle not only mega outdoor performance where needs

high and continuous SPL output but also small-medium indoor places where

needs extra convenience in trucking and operation.


Dual 10" 3-way line array system with 141dB max SPL output,

(H:300×W:700×D:526 mm, 21.8kg) , SLA-210 offers superb convenience

in trucking and operation.


SLA-210 utilizes all neodymium woofer & drivers, which ensure high

sensitivity,compact size and less weight. The special formulated carbon fiber

cone gives ultra strengthen and lightness to mi-low frequency.The low frequency

can be reached down to 50Hz, which makes SLA-210 perfectly working with

SLA-215B base speaker. SLA-215B design for SLA-210 base speaker, dual

15inch big power speaker.


Outdoor use with black catalyzed polyurethane paint finishing. SLA-210 works

together with smart & predictable rigging system, the extraordinary speaker is


the perfect choice which fits for all kind of touring applications.



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